Laser & Refractive Eye Surgery

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Safety & precision with state of the art technology.

Dr Gunn is a refractive eye surgery specialist. This means that he has special training in the treatment of short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Modern refractive surgery is extremely safe and can improve your quality of life with freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Our core approach in refractive eye surgery is centered around safety, precision, professionalism and patient satisfaction.

Laser Eye Surgery

Dr Gunn has access to the newest and most advanced excimer laser in Queensland. It is the only excimer laser in Queensland to be located in a private day hospital. This means that for therapeutic treatments (where there is any eye disease requiring laser), it is the only facility with a guaranteed attached private health insurance rebate, as well as the option of a specialist anaesthetist to give sedation or anaesthetic for treatments.

For refractive treatments (laser to reduce your glasses or contact lens wear) the system offers the most recent eye tracking (1050 measurements per second) and customisable treatments including the brand new Contoura Vision ™. There is also an option for a no touch technique where the entire treatment is performed without any blade or part of the laser touching your eye (transepithelial treatments).

Laser eye surgery equipment for Brisbane Ophthalmologist

Implantable contact lens & refractive lens exchange

For patients who are poor candidates for laser eye surgery, Dr Gunn can offer implantable contact lens surgery. These precision lenses give great vision by putting the power of your glasses or contact lenses inside of the eye. In some cases, replacement of your natural lens with the correct power lens can be performed. Read more about the Visian ICL ™

Presbyopia correction

Once patients reach the age of 45-50, their ability to focus at near objects becomes reduced. Laser blended vision is a technique that can help significantly reduce the requirement for reading glasses. The concept is to set the dominant eye for distance and the non-dominant eye for near vision. For most tasks you will not require glasses, but for extended reading or very small text at near the occasional use of reading glasses will be required. Many patients tolerate this really well after a period of adaptation which can often be trialed in contact lenses. Another option is multifocal lens implants that have a near and distance focal point at the same time.

Laser Eye Surgery Brisbane Ophthalmologist Dr David Gunn

Which treatment is right for me?

Dr Gunn will assess your visual needs as well as the factors which make you eligible for certain procedures. He will provide you with a selection of treatment options designed to give the safest and most reliable results. For some patients there will be no good surgical option. We would prefer to advise no treatment rather than provide anything other than an excellent outcome.